Get Your Foot in the Door Already!

Paul Scaini is a Canadian working in Beijing China as the Global Portfolio Manager for Lenovo’s   Commercial Desktop Business Unit.  His responsibilities include planning traditional desktops and All-in-Ones for both large enterprises and small and medium business.

As a product manager I love to get chances to speak to customers big and small, especially to get feedback on ThinkCentre All-in-Ones.  I am still amazed how many customers have no idea what an All-in-One (AIO) is.  I’ve just recently spoken to decision makers at a Global NGO (Non Profit Organization) and a Federal Government, shown them an AIO for the first time explaining the benefits and now both have added AIO to their purchase lists.

There is a MASSIVE opportunity out there for you to talk to your customers about All-in-One.  Even if they’re not desktop customers it’s a great way to get your foot in the door. “Hey, have you ever seen one of these before?” and even if they aren’t 100% convinced then it gives you a chance for other selling opportunities.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

More Room for Work

All-in-One saves about 70% space compared to a traditional tower and monitor, giving a workspace some room to breathe.  Education and healthcare customers love AIOs for labs and nursing stations that are often small and cluttered with paperwork.  From call centers to start-ups; any customer with space restrictions will love All-in-One.  Even the boss or executive with a ton of desk real-estate will appreciate the extra room.

They Look Good

Clean, compact, sharp looking (especially Edge series), no messy cables, AIOs are PCs you want to put out in front of your customers; not hide under a desk.  And let’s face it; Looking good is important.  Whether you’re trying to attract customers, top talents or capital funding, having a great looking office will show others that your company has got it together. All-in-Ones are appearing at reception desks, to sign in visitors, concierge/ hostess desks, business lounges, even waiting rooms and restaurants and coffee shop tables. This is great for driving incremental volumes; think of all the new places an All-in-One would look great.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Being All-in-One it only needs one box and one item on your customers  asset management sheet; that plus only needing to plug in one cable makes All-in-One the simplest PC to set up and deploy.  It’s so easy my grandmother can do it. (I’ve actually tested her)  When I first showed AIO to our executives I was given a 3 min window.  I thought it would be cool to set one up and turn it on during my pitch.  I did and the response was amazing, so much so that they asked me to turn that presentation into a slightly embarrassing training video encouraging sales people to bring AIOs into customer’s offices. I’ve done it dozens of times (without the game show girl) and I always get the same response.   Seeing is believing.  (P.S. my grandma likes the video.)


All ThinkCentre AIOs come with a VESA mount and easy carry handle; along with their compact design makes them quick and easy to move around and opens opportunity for new and exciting places to put a PC:  On a wall, or radial arm, on a medical cart, inside a kiosk, in meeting rooms or showrooms, to window displays, some customers even mount them in vehicles. They’re perfect for taking with you to tradeshows too.

So now you have everything you need to sell All-in-Ones, so pick one up and show it to a customer that has never seen one before.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Foot in the Door Already!