Ever since the introduction of our new ThinkStation line of workstations I've seen lots of commentary about handles on computer towers. Just to set the record straight we have had handles on towers from day one. The first tower ever designed by IBM (PS/2 Model 80) had a folding handle to make moving it around easier. The PS/1 tower designed by Richard Sapper in the early 90's had a clever handle that was integral to the front bezel. The new handle on the ThinkStation products is very similar in appearance and utility to the PS/1 version. For rack mounting the ThinkStation handles are easily removed.

PS/1 Sapper design model circa 1992 The comments about us copying the handle created by the "fruit" company are just plain wrong. But enough about that. What I'm interested in is the true value that a handle provides. I think it is very useful, I would love to get your thoughts on this topic.

David Hill