Lenovo now has mobile optimized service videos available to guide you in removing and installing service parts (Field Replaceable Units) check out - FRUs on FONE.   I know that many customers appreciate the value of instructional videos that show how to replace a hard disk, install upgraded memory, or swap out a keyboard as I see these frequently linked in forum discussions.

I've previously written about the Lenovo service training videos that are available to watch via your PC - www.lenovoservicetraining.com , and with the rapid advances in smart phones and the dramatic increases in phone shipments (some projections show they will outsell PCs within 2 years) it only makes sense to provide many of these videos in a mobile optimized format. Today the site contains videos on a limited number of notebook, desktop, workstation and server products, but I would expect the inventory of available videos to grow.    Perhaps one day, you'll be able to use your phone to scan a barcode on the bottom of the PC, access a list of parts and order them on your phone.