Fraud Advisory

If you receive a package from Lenovo that you did not order, please call 866-428-4465 and speak with a sales agent.  DO NOThand over the package to the freight carrier or accept any return labels provided prior to your having called Lenovo. Future shipments should bear an advisory sticker like the one displayed on the right. In recent weeks, a group of individuals, using stolen credit card information have perpetrated fraud to the detriment of unsuspected card holders, and a number of consumer electronic manufacturers including Lenovo. 

SCAM SUMMARY: A fraudulent order is place over the phone or web using the stolen credit card holder's information for both payment and identity, while substituting the fraudster's own generic email to receive the shipment notifications and tracking information.  Upon receipt of shipping confirmation and tracking information via email, the scammer tracks the shipment through delivery and makes arrangements to reroute the package through several methods. In some cases, the fraud perpetrator will contact the card member / recipient, representing themselves as Lenovo and advising them that a mistake has been made and that arrangements will be made to take back the shipment and issue a credit.  Bogus return labels are then provided bearing the heading "Lenovo Returns" but with a 3rd party address.  In other cases, an alternate shipping address is provided to the freight carrier and the package is re-routed.  Several examples of these stories have recently surfaced on consumer advocacy sites like rippoffreport, consumeraffairs, and complaintsboard It is unfortunate that these individuals were victimized by fraud and identity theft.  The proper return address for Lenovo product returns in the US and Canada is 6540 Franz Warner Parkway, Whitsett, NC.   Shipping labels that are received prior to calling Lenovo, or provided through the package carrier, (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) that do not reflect this location should not be used.  Do not release a package for forwarding or return to an alternate address.

Prevention:  If a Lenovo product arrives that was not ordered, please call the toll free Lenovo number at (866) 428-4465 and follow the prompts for returns.  Ensuring return of the product to the Lenovo Returns Center at 6540 Franz Warner Parkway, in Whitsett, NC will simplify and speed the resolution and ensure prompt credit. Lenovo is undertaking further fraud prevention measures including revised processes and policies when clearing new orders through the credit services team, labeling new product shipments with advisory notices as illustrated above, and providing additional information to  sales agents.  Individuals who believe they have been victimized by this scam should contact Lenovo and their credit card company for investigation and reversal of charges as appropriate.