ForbesOnTech: What Notebooks are Entrepeneurs Carrying?


My former colleague Jim Forbes, the former host of Demo Mobile, and veteran tech journalist (InfoWorld, PCWeek, MacWeek, etc.) was at last week's Demo in San Diego. He posts:

"As an industry barometer, Demo is a great place to see a snapshot in portable computing brand trends. So what were attendees and demonstrators carrying? By and large the most common sight on the Demonstrator’s stage, tables in front of attendees and in the Pavilion were Lenovo and older IBM ThinkPads. Nothing surprising there."

Jim is an X60s user. He said Apple was well represented at Demo, but not on stage.

"Three real surprises in my ad hoc notebook brand survey at Demo were the diminishing number of Dell branded products, the increasing number of Panasonic ToughBooks, and the presence of Lenovo ThinkPad X40 and X60s sub compacts with either EvDO PCMCIA cards or integrated EvDo modems (like on my X60s).

"The reason I cling to my X60s like Moses holding on to his staff and waving the seas apart to let the Israelites fleeing Pharaoh and exfililtrate Egypt, Is simple: I rely on my notebook for communications, and I’ve not yet been to any place where I couldn’t hit a WiFi spot, or catch a signal from Verizon’s EvDo network. And, if those two mechanism fail, I’ve always been able to find some kindly soul who would let me borrow a phone line to check in with my family, friends and associates.


"So go ahead and ask what are the extremes I’ve tested EvDo? Well I’ve connected via EvDo from my boat, nine miles off."

Thanks for the report.

David Churbuck