For Those Who Do Hopscotch

Lonnie Walker ready for action at Hopscotch

The Hopscotch Music festival is the biggest thing to hit downtown Raleigh in years. This year, Lenovo was a major sponsor for the ever growing event. We even had a special lounge for people to gather, pretend to be a DJ, and sample Lenovo products. This link will take you to a relevant Lenovo Flickr gallery where you can see what you may have missed. Here is a brief description of the festival borrowed directly from the events website:

This year, the festival picks up where it left off, bringing more than 135 bands to 12 venues, including Friday and Saturday night in City Plaza, Raleigh's most captivating civic space. Intended to highlight the Triangle's rich music scene by pairing local talent with notable national and international artists, Hopscotch offers choices to fans in just about every genre imaginable—rock, hip-hop, alt-country, metal, dance, punk, classical, noise, drone, folk, and more. It is a festival that thrives on the variety and quality of its lineup, and this year, with over 40% of the musicians hailing from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other nearby locales, it's a testament to both this region's musical diversity and its national relevance. Hopscotch Music Festival

The Lenovo Lounge just before it was invaded by an ocean of  do'ers

Lots of bands played this year including the ever incredible "Flaming Lips", and of course my son's band, Lonnie Walker. My son plays the guitar for the band. He often weilds a nicely finished orange Nashville 6120 made by Gretsch. It looks and sounds fantastic. It makes me proud to see their band continue to grow in popularity and sharpen their musical skills. They have a unique Americana sound that is both catchy and well crafted. By the way, there is nobody in the band named Lonnie Walker. Was there anyone named Jethro Tull? You can sample their sound and see their tour schedule here. They're playing a show this weekend at the Raleigh Amphitheater, don't miss it.

Fly Anvil 2 x 12 Combo Amp Case

You won't need one of these for your ThinkPad

Not only does Lenovo have a print advertisement that connects to my own motorcycling  interest, but they are now running a video that reminds me of the band scene that Lonnie Walker is experiencing. It's called "Day in the Life: Band". The video shows a fictional band and the adventures they encounter. I can relate to many of the images and story line. There is even a reference to Tulsa in the video. Tulsa is not so far from Bartlesville, where I grew up. The coincidences just keep coming.

Compare the Lenovo commercial to the real deal with Lonnie Walker recorded live at a show in Brooklyn. I love the grainy footage.It will be interesting to see what happens at next years Hopscotch Music Festival. I'm sure Lenovo and Lonnie Walker will be there. Hope to see you there too. David Hill