Today’s financial services firms have a need for speed. After all, a few microseconds can make or break a deal. Fixnetix provides the low-latency technologies that deliver the trading advantage for investment banks around the world. To do this, the IT service provider needs the right partner — and the right technology platform — on its side.

Using a Lenovo-based infrastructure, including robust System x3650 M4 servers, Fixnetix can offer its clients the ultra-high performance, reliability and efficiency they need to achieve high returns. In addition, Lenovo service, scalability and commitment add extra value. “The great thing about Lenovo’s people is that they understand the marketplace,” explains Hugh Hughes, Chairman and CEO at Fixnetix. “We can sit down and talk to them as equals — equals that mutually understand each other’s business for the benefit of our clients.”

With the help of Lenovo, the Fixnetix solution is expected to save its clients more than 40 percent in total IT expenditures. This translates to millions of dollars in savings.

Read the case study or watch the video to find out more about the Fixnetix and Lenovo partnership.