Feeding an Appetite for Ever More Computing Resources


Here at research center CERFACS, the desire to come up with better answers to the questions that puzzle research and industry never stops growing. To do this, we need to build increasingly complex simulations that, ultimately, call for larger and more powerful computing resources.

We are always on the hunt for the latest high-performance computing infrastructure, which can meet our insatiable appetite for more power without breaking the bank — or the environment.

It was Lenovo NeXtScale that proved the ideal basis for our new computing cluster. Equipped with Intel Xeon processors, it offered us the high performance we needed at a competitive price.

Our choice was vindicated once we saw the performance and efficiency gains on our two benchmarks: performance boosted between 10 and up to 30 percent and energy consumption for one job cut by 50 percent. Now, we can handle and queue up three times the number of jobs we could before, helping us continue to lead the way in research innovation.

For more information, read the CERFACS Case Study.