We came. We saw. We basically conquered. We gave as much blood and sweat (thankfully no tears) as we could in a few short days. CES 2011 has ended—all hail CES. Lenovo arrived in Las Vegas on a huge roll—our market share rising, our financial results stellar and, as always, our products synonymous with innovation and class. Speaking of which, we introduced more than 20 products at CES—from ultraportable ThinkPads to majestic ThinkCentre all-in-ones and mind-bendingly innovative hybrid notebook/tablets—and we walked home with five awards. We hosted parties with partners Intel and Microsoft and friends from Social Media Club and GDGT. We entertained incredible bloggers and modders. We helped people unleash their inner goofball with our photobooth and our jackalope mascot. And we told our stories—as always—on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and our “Lenovo Live” blogs. Across 19 countries and in seven languages, we transformed lenovo.com into a remarkable Matrix-like "social logo"—it got more than 2.2 million views in the U.S. alone during CES. Finally, as is often the case, we felt the love from the press. From Brazil to Slovakia, Canada to India, well over 2,000 stories were written about us worldwide—and more than 500 articles were written about the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid/LePad Slate alone. In short, we rocked it and we’re thankful to all who tuned in.