Expanded Lenovo Linux Offerings

We just expanded our Linux offerings. Several weeks ago we announced systems with preloaded SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED). Lenovo has added a few new options with this announcement. The systems are now available with Intel's Penryn processors which are built using smaller 45nm technology. In other words, you get cooler operation and better power efficiency by using one of these processors. In addition you will be able to configure to order a 14" or 15.4" widescreen T series and very soon a 14" R Series as well, so the total number of machines with Linux preloads has expanded. I appreciated all of the comments and feedback on my prior post and I will try to clarify a few more points that have come up since then. I mentioned in the last post that I was running SLED in a virtual machine on top of Windows. Since then, I have used a pure SLED preloaded machine and had no issues with audio, so it had something to do with how my virtual machine was configured. I thought that was going to be the case, but I am glad it worked out that way in reality. There have been several comments and questions about whether we are providing our ThinkVantage Technologies as part of this announcement. The answer is no for this generation, but for future releases the plan is to change that to a "yes." For reader mtl, I think that means that you will not be able to enroll your fingerprints for pre-desktop authentication using this announcement's preload, since there is not software included to make it work. Theoretically you could use the Windows software to enroll your fingerprints, enable the pre-desktop authentication and then install Linux, but I'm not sure if this would work out or not. It's probably an experiment worth trying. There is no plan to ship or sell a separate DVD with the SLED software. Warranty and support entitlement for a system is tied to the serial number and machine type-model number found on the bottom of your system. Unless our IT recognizes a system as having been shipped with Linux, you would not be entitled to support should you need it. Due to licensing terms dictated by Microsoft to all vendors in the industry, a PC must ship with an operating system installed. It can be Windows. It can be Linux. For our large customers, we've even shipped a few machines with PC-DOS on them. However, until those licensing terms change, it won't be possible for us to ship anything to any customer "bare metal." I had thought about writing about more of my experiences with Linux here, but there wasn't much else to say. It is so much like Windows in how it operates, that it is anti-climactic. In other words, stuff just works. If only we had full support for our ThinkVantage Technologies, I could probably give up Windows XP for good – at least on my work machine. (For the observant, yes, I had to downgrade to XP from Vista. With our new IT changes, it just simply wasn't working out.)