The Feeling is Mutual

Evernote and Lenovo

I recently came across a video of a partner of ours, Evernote.  Prior to seeing the video, I was unaware of our relationship, so when I saw it I was very pleased, not just because it is nice to hear compliments from a satisfied Lenovo user, but because the feeling is mutual.  Without knowing of our relationship, I have been trumpeting my love of Evernote (and Stitch) during every presentation I do that involves our ThinkPad Tablet.

I first became aware of Evernote in my previous life as a teacher and Instructional Technology Director. During that time, I was an avid Tablet PC user and a diehard Microsoft OneNote enthusiast. I was often asked for alternatives for those without access to Microsoft Office applications. Evernote was the closest I could find, and its multi-platform approach made it a wonderful solution for many. Now that I am a multi-device user, I have come to rely more heavily on Evernote. For example I am using Notes Mobile on my ThinkPad Tablet to handwrite this blog post (my typing skills are so bad).  Once it is completed, I’ll send the text, which Notes Mobile has already recognized, to my Evernote notebook, and I will do my final edits and posting from my workhorse X220 Tablet PC.  Also throughout this trip, I will use my phone to "scan" receipts and store them in Evernote until it is time a take care of that expense report.

So to the Evernote Team I say thanks for your support of our products, but more importantly thanks for a great product that's keeping this paper-hating geek a bit more organized. 

Note: for educators looking for a cloud notebook solution for themselves and/or students check out Evernote's educational offering.