With Erazer, Lenovo Gets In the Game

“Why don’t you guys make something for the serious gamers?” We’ve heard that one a lot over the years. Well, guess what?  We’re tossing our hat into the gamer lounge. This year at CES, we’re bringing hardcore gamers exactly what they’ve been craving—we’re getting in the game with the Erazer X700, a high-performance desktop with high storage capacity that extreme gamers will love.    

 This isn’t some machine for n00bs—Erazer is a serious gamer’s dream. It’s the first Lenovo PC to give you powerful OneKey™ overclocking performance at the click of a button, while the system simultaneously protects the processor from overheating during intense game play. The Lenovo Cooling System uses a liquid coolant to keep internal temperatures at optimal levels.  Gamers can now get extreme performance out of their PC without worrying about overheating or shutdowns.

 Erazer touts AMD Eyefinity technology, which allows you to simultaneously connect up to six monitors for a truly panoramic display.  It also comes equipped with the latest Intel® Core i7 Extreme processor and can be fitted with an option 7.1 channel surround sound support with Dolby Advanced Audio.

 As Lenovo grows, we continue to make smart acquisitions in the market and this product is the perfect example of how those acquisitions turn into amazing products.  Born from our acquisition of Medion, Erazer utilizes their expertise and their know-how in the gaming space to deliver the optimal gaming machine.

 Other Specs:

·        Memory: Up to 16GB DDR3

·        Video Graphics: Dual graphics support – NVIDIA® SLI; up to dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX660 1.5GB or ATI CrossFireX™; up to dual AMD Radeon™ HD 8950 3GB graphics

·        Hard Disk Drive: 2TB (High-end); 2*1TB Raid0 (Low-End); tool-free expandability of up to 4TB of storage space, including 2 hot-swap external drive bays that allow plugging in of additional storage without powering off the PC

·        Connectors: USB2.0; USB3.0; HDMI (TBD); 9in1 card reader supporting SDXC format

  Lenovo is on your side, gamers.