Enhanced Experience: certification, optimization, adulation

Wondering about the “Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7” tag on more than 20 of our CES PCs? Wonder no more. It’s a sign of improved Windows 7 performance, the next generation of our certification/optimization program that includes faster start-up and other enhancements for business and multimedia applications. Enhanced Experience 2.0 computers can include Lenovo RapidBoot technology, with optimized files, processes and hardware geared for quicker boot/shutdown. Some also have Lenovo RapidDrive technology, using an SSD with or in place of a traditional hard drive and combining with RapidBoot technology to give you even faster boot/shutdown and improved app performance. Some Enhanced Experience 2.0 models are capable of booting up in less than 10 seconds, giving rise to a $10,000 challenge from Lenovo. Our CES lounge features some of the fastest-booting Windows 7 PCs in the world; if you think your PC has what it takes to beat them to the punch (or to the desktop, as it were), then bring it in – all you have to do is boot it up faster than ours and you’ll win $10,000! Sound easy? It’s not; nobody’s won yet. On top of the fast boot/shutdown, Enhanced Experience 2.0 optimizations include enhanced audio and HD graphics on Idea products and better security and web conferencing on Think products. Come down to the Lounge and check them out!