ENGEL adopts IT standardization as a winning strategy

Surrounded by serene waters from a nearby lake, young men and women flock to a classroom at a Higher Technical Institute in Bregenz, Austria. The curious minds huddle around an ENGEL moulding machine used to create an array of plastic parts, including frames for entertainment systems in cars. As students learn the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry, they’re honing their skills before graduation – a highly desired asset due to the scarcity of trained workers in Austria.

The institute is just one example of how companies throughout the world are using ENGEL’s leading plastics processing machines to create a myriad of products ranging from mighty vacuum cleaners to intricate car pieces. With a strong presence throughout the globe, the 72-year-old family-run business has rapidly expanded to 5,900 worldwide employees and nine production plants across three continents. To accompany this growth, ENGEL needed a new hardware provider who could offer an efficient and standardized IT infrastructure with less device types and a minimal interface. Turning to Lenovo, ENGEL knew their partner could help them to achieve their vision through their ThinkPad machines.

Read more about the ENGEL's success story here. [PDF]

Rahil Arora leads Lenovo’s Customer Stories Program.