Eight Global Brands That Stand for Spectacular Reinvention

Great companies today don’t just keep pace with dizzying technological change—they thrive on it. That’s been Lenovo’s philosophy for decades, and it’s the spirit of this special report with WIRED, celebrating eight champions of tireless innovation.

When we think about ingenuity and originality, we think of some of the greatest inventions of our time. The automobile. The cellphone. The Internet.

These technological advances required incredible levels of creativity, and the organizations behind them are still with us in one form or another. But few companies have internalized the concept of innovation on a near-molecular level, reinventing themselves over and over again to adapt with the changing times.

This sort of reinvention has meant different things in different decades. In the 1950s, it meant embracing the massive shift from wartime operations to peaceful ones. In the 1970s, it was a response to the threats of inflation, recession, and the energy crisis. In the 1990s, it meant dealing with foreign competition and the rapid rise of the Internet. Today, reinvention is the key to the survival and success of almost any venture given the breakneck pace of technological advance. A seemingly trivial advance in mobile apps or cloud-based storage can upend an old-guard business model overnight. Those who succeed do so by adapting, and by adapting quickly

In this multipart feature, we look at eight companies that have embraced reinvention as a core philosophy and showcase what it means to each of them in the 21st century. There’s no time to rest. Let’s get moving!









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Rahil Arora leads Lenovo’s Customer Stories program.