In a previous Lenovo blog called “Just the Facts,” the message harkened back to a classic TV drama, Jack Webb’s Dragnet+, one of the most famous police shows in the history of television. The show started out as a 1949 radio drama that morphed into a television series ++ airing in various forms for more than four decades +++. Sergeant Joe Friday, the show’s main character, had a signature phrase, “All we want are the facts, ma’am.” +++

In some episodes, it seemed that just when Friday and his team had collected a compelling case file full of facts, a series of twists and turns would occur, and even more data points would be introduced. In this episode that we’ll call “Return of the Superdome X Video: More Facts” our X6 vs. HP Integrity Superdome X video has evolved in just the same way – it now contains even more facts than when it first aired several months ago. Lenovo has since published two more #1 benchmarks:

#1 SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)-Enhanced Mixed Load* (configured with internal storage only) ++++
#1 @10,000GB non-clustered TPC-H** +++++

The other facts in the case file – uh, we mean video -- still remain equally compelling:

  • The X6 enterprise server portfolio has numerous winning benchmarks to its credit
  • X6 systems deliver blazing fast performance for mission critical workloads thanks to onboard storage including SSDs or HDDs, PCI-based flash and eXFlash memory-channel storage
  • These servers deliver rich memory expansion – to up to 12TB of memory.
  • The fact that X6 systems support eXFlash memory-channel storage, HDDs, SSDs, and PCIe flash can mean decreased solution costs
  • X6 systems provide broad support for a rich ecosystem of operating systems and hypervisors
  • Solutions that are optimized especially for X6 are cost-effective and can speed time-to-value
  • When it comes to SAP HANA, X6 owns more than 50% market share globally.
  • In a comparison of the price of Lenovo configurations vs. competitors such as HP, some are significantly less expensive.
  • And X6 servers consume half the footprint of HP Integrity Superdome X servers.

In the updated version of “It's a Fact: Lenovo X6 Surpasses HP Integrity Superdome X Every Time” video you have the facts of the case before you. Evaluate the data points carefully and come to your verdict. Fade to black.

For more information about Lenovo X6 servers, visit or contact your Lenovo representative.

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++++ #1 SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)-Enhanced Mixed Load – as of Mar 16, 2015, certification number 2015007. For the latest SAP benchmark results, visit: The 1,542,060 ad-hoc navigation steps per hour result was achieved at the 1-billion records on the Lenovo System x3850 X6-based appliance cluster of 7 nodes, each configured with four Intel® Xeon® E7-4880 v2 family processors with 60 cores and 120 threads, and 1TB memory, running SAP HANA 1.0, the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform 7.4, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and Lenovo GPFS FPO on local disks.

+++++ #1 @10,000GB non-clustered TPC-H* – as of Apr 6, 2015,

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Original artwork by Kathy Holoman