Doodling, made hi-tech | The #ThinkFirst series

Strong, efficient, smart and intuitive - that’s what everyone wants from their technology, but for some people, nothing beats a good old-fashioned pen-and-paper. We wanted to bring that experience to our ThinkPad range, in a way that feels just as natural to the user as the real thing.

Using a pen with your device has many positives aspects, but also one or two negative ones. Namely that you might lose the pen, or it might run out of battery. This can add an unnecessary element to your device experience, but at its best, pen-input can offer excellent usage benefits, whether you’re on the move or in the office.

We decided to look at how we could ensure a great pen experience - without it being cumbersome. The result? Our Active Capacitive pens. By developing an advanced palm-rejection algorithm and using active capacitive technology, we have been able to create a comprehensive and accurate pen experience without adding thickness or weight to the ThinkPad. What’s more, in the X1 Yoga, the pen is rechargeable and housed inside the system, making it almost impossible to lose.

There’s also the new free WRITEit software application, which converts your on-screen handwriting seamlessly into typed text, allowing you flexibility as to how you want to do your word-processing or blank field input. 

Find out more about WRITEit

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Range is an iconic design, built on 23 years of gamechanging innovation. Watch Lenovo’s Chief Design Officer, David Hill, on ThinkPad and the Future. #ThinkFirst