Lenovo has long been known as a PC company. In fact, it is the number one PC company in the world today. We got to number one by designing and delivering innovative PCs based on customer needs. With the recent acquisitions of the IBM System x and Motorola businesses — and expanded focus into new technologies — Lenovo is a company transformed beyond just PCs. We’re looking forward to sharing many of the changes with the world next week at Lenovo Tech World. This is the first event of its kind for Lenovo and we’re inviting more than 3,000 people to join us in Beijing to talk about innovation and the future of technology.  

We’ve all been witness to the rapid changes in the technology landscape over the last few years and can already see much of the future today. Social and mobile communications are now ubiquitous and are both driving the need for cloud infrastructure and enabling big data analytics to maximize benefit. The connectivity inherent in these technologies will increase exponentially as more users around the world connect and more and more devices come online as part of the so-called Internet of Things. Essential to all of these technologies is an enterprise infrastructure that can support these connections and analyze massive amounts of data. Lenovo has embraced these changes and is prepared to be at the forefront in enterprise innovation today and in the future.

As part of the Lenovo enterprise team, I’m excited to be in the audience next week when our CEO, Yang Yuanqing, and CTO, Peter Hortensius, speak about this enterprise innovation. Attendees are going to hear about some of the incredible things we’ve helped customers accomplish, as well as our unique ability to connect users with a better experience from the device to the data center and back again. If you are not able to attend in person, look for more information about #LenovoTechWorld on social media.