We’re always on the lookout for great ThinkPad stories. So when our friend Ben called our attention to the story you're about to hear, we went in search of a man named Dimitri. We found him alive and well--and more than happy to tell us how his ThinkPad survived a crash and cheated death.

Hi Dimitri. Before we get into what happened on that fateful day, tell us a little about yourself. Is it true you are living in one of the most exotic places on Earth?
I spent almost my entire life in Brussels, Belgium, but I left Europe about a year-and-a-half ago for a work opportunity in Mauritius, a small island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. (I'm French and Mauritian.) Finding a job in Europe is hard right now and I had a pretty good opportunity. I left my motorcycles and my dear bedroom for a house here in an awesome complex with a pool.

I do miss some things from back there--like my family--but I can't complain, I pretty much live in paradise here! The hardest thing to get used to is the weather. Right now, it's summer; since we're in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. The temperatures regularly hit over 35°C in Flic-en-Flac, where I live.

Yikes, it sounds like paradise gets toasty warm sometimes. What do you do for a living?
I work for a small company based in the Seychelles that opened an office here in Mauritius a year ago. We work in international technical audit and consultancy, and most of the time I take care of the staffing for international missions (to put it simply).

Very nice. OK, take a deep breath and tell us about the day of the accident. What happened?
The accident happened last July. I was going back home on my scooter that day, it was very very early in the morning and I hit a car at a crossing. It was my fault for sure, I should have been more cautious but the car came way too fast from my right.

That sounds awful. How bad were your injuries?
The first thing I saw when I woke up was my leg broken in two at a really weird angle. Thankfully the bone didn't stick through the flesh. The ambulance came and I was administered some strong painkillers. I barely remember anything because I had a serious complication from my crash: the shock & painkillers caused pneumonia and I stopped breathing for awhile.

Thankfully the nurses reacted very fast and put me in the emergency room. That was, from what I was told, a couple of hours after I had a 38cm-long aluminium-titanium alloy nail, held with nuts and bolts, inserted into my femur.

So sorry to hear you ended up with broken bones. We care about you (of course!) but we must ask: How did your laptop fare? How broken was your beloved ThinkPad?
To this day, no one I tell the story to can believe how well my ThinkPad fared. I didn't even think about it and, to be fair, I didn't expect it to survive. When I was presented with it, I was shocked that it was in such a good shape given the violence of the crash. Everything was normal and worked as it should. Not even the screen was damaged. Just the bezels were broken and the whole base bezel was split in two. I could hear pieces of the chassis rattling inside but, after removing the base plate, the broken pieces dropped and there was no noise any more.

Where is the laptop now? Are you still using it?
Actually I sold it to my uncle after I was provided a ThinkPad E440 from work!

Ha, so you’ve already moved on to your next ThinkPad. I shouldn’t be surprised.
Yeah, I've been a ThinkPad lover ever since I bought my first one, a T500. I've had a bunch of them since then: T500, L530, X240, S440, T440 and finally the T440p.

Well, we’re so glad to hear you have recovered well and it makes us feel a lot better about exploiting you (kidding) for this interesting story! Thanks for doing this interview—you realize you are now a “Legend of ThinkPad,” right? Pretty cool. Take care and ride safe!
Thanks, I will.


Gavin O'Hara is Lenovo's Global Social Media Publisher.