Desktop eyecandy

Today's post comes from guest blogger Tim Supples 

When it comes to dedicated enthusiast groups, I can't help but draw a parallel between computers and cars. Maybe that's because I'm a gear/piston/petrol head myself. Regardless, when comparing computer enthusiasts and car enthusiasts I see a spectrum of different types of owners. At one end of the spectrum are the ones who keep everything stock out of the box, appreciating the design and engineering that went into the machine from the factory. These people tend to keep the stock wheels, exhaust, and paint scheme, or the factory preload, desktop background, and on laptops even the little stickers from Intel, Microsoft, etc.

At the other end of the spectrum you have people who hold nothing sacred and make the machine unique in every way. Adding wide wheels and tires, huge wings & flares, and exhaust pipes that look they came off a jet, auto enthusiasts ensure their machine stands apart from all others. The same can be said with computers, as people do custom operating system installs like Mac OSX, retrofit LCD panels where they were never intended to be used, and, on the simpler end of things, use a custom desktop background/wallpaper. Microsoft includes some rather striking background images with Windows and most manufacturers include their own as well. Lenovo is no exception and we use a unique series of images for different batches of products. Invariably I end up seeing some discussion in the various communities, with people asking for such-and-such wallpaper from such-and-such system at such-and-such resolution. These requests are usually fulfilled and the person comes away with a new look and feel for their computing experience. To help simplify the process of finding original Lenovo Windows backgrounds/wallpapers, we have uploaded all of the ones in our archives to Flickr. If the wallpaper was identified for a specific product, we tagged it as such. To help with finding the right wallpaper for your monitor resolution, we also tagged each wallpaper with the original resolution. Looking for a 1920x1200 W700 wallpaper? Put those very words into the search box for our photostream: "1920x1200 W700 wallpaper" (excluding quotes of course). For now these are all ThinkPad backgrounds with a couple of Lenovo 3000 ones, but hopefully we will also have the Idea product line wallpapers as well. Now for the fun part. You remember my spiel about customizing? I'm sure some of you out there have created some really slick custom background images to celebrate your Lenovo computer. If people make ThinkPad tablet cakes and construct custom Franken-ThinkPads, there have to be some neat background images floating out there. If you have a custom Lenovo-related Windows background image you would like to share, head over to Flickr, upload it, and tag it with "lenovoconnectionsblog." We will let the submissions come in for a while and once a good critical mass has been reached, we will post the top images on this blog and run a poll to determine which ones are the community's favorites! Well what are you waiting for? Get uploading! Tim Supples