Meet the Team Who Designed Our Yoga X Packaging

We go behind the scenes and talk to the Design team who created the new and stunning concept packaging design for Yoga, called Yoga X Packaging.

Q: Tell us a little about the team and what you do at Lenovo.

We’re the worldwide brand design team based in Beijing. From graphic design, photography to multimedia, we’re a team of multi-discipline designers who love to work on building a strong and influential international brand. Our responsibilities include visual identity design, packaging design, product and brand imagery, video and animation.

Q: Describe to us the design for Yoga X Packaging.

This is the family package design concept for the future Lenovo Yoga series (smartphone, tablet and notebook) in both mainstream and premium product categories. The overall emphasis is on the earth tone paper material with minimal print as it makes the design simple and bold, intimate and authentic. The brown paper is used for the mainstream category to highlight eco-friendliness, and the darker soft paper is used on the premium category to highlight quality. The Lenovo “tag” logo is a representation of the essence of the new Lenovo brand Visual Identity. The package was designed to be as thin as possible for optimal space and logistics, and to be aesthetically contemporary. When opening the box, the lifting structure will slightly lift the product up to make it feel inviting and adds a small element of surprise.

Yoga X Packaging - Mainstream Category

Yoga X Packaging - Premium Category

Q: What inspired you to come up with this concept packaging design for Yoga?

Thanks to all the electronic brands that look-a-like out there, Yoga X, from the product to packaging, is about being different and better. We drew inspiration from sports fashion, and from things that appear more natural and intimate, instead of cold and rigid.

Q: Did the Design team face any constraints / challenges while designing this?

We’ve mainly accomplished three things with this design. Firstly, we’ve used eco-friendlier paper which is not costly, but is of good quality and appears very natural. Secondly, we’ve made the package as thin as possible to optimize space and yet still maintained the lifting structure as an element of surprise. Thirdly, we’ve made the Lenovo logo into a tag. The hardest part about this is to make sure that we achieve good quality and efficiency during mass production.

Q: What motivates you when you work on new design projects?

I’m fascinated with the process of creation. First, you imagine something in your mind, and see it gradually come to life. Of course, being recognized for your work is also very rewarding. In addition, I use doubt as a fuel; it’s a very good fuel.

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