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My name is Johnson Li, Executive Director, Lenovo PC Design & User Experience, and I’d like to welcome you to the Lenovo Design Studio.

We call it D. Studio.

This is a space dedicated solely to the passion of product design. This community will comprise of my friends in the design industry, art and design media, students from around the world, and people who share our vision for good design.

I’m very excited about this community because it’s an opportunity for me and my team to share our real views of what design is all about. That said, we are not going to try and sell you a product. Instead, we hope to inspire you with our vision about design and its key role in the evolution of technology.

Please join us. Enjoy the dynamic images of what our inspirations have been. Get a sneak peek into future technologies that we’re considering. But, most importantly, we hope that you, designers around the world, will get involved and tell us what you think.