DEMO or die ...

Gizmodo's Brian Lam snaps pics at the DEMO conference - Valleywag

We noted earlier from ForbesOnTech that ThinkPads were the preferred platform for demonstrating new products at DEMO 2006 last week. One poor presenter fumbled and dropped his ThinkPad. 

"Gizmodo editor Brian Lam is camping out today at the Web 2.0-heavy DEMO Conference, an orgy of product demos, promising his readers some liveblog action. So far there're no DEMO details on Gizmodo, but BLam keeps e-mailing me potshots. The above is the dude fumbling his Thinkpad while demoing software product MojoPac.

"BLam says: they dropped it, and they guy almost had a heart attack. ... Looking back, seems like an elaborate setup. Old thinkpad sacrificed for product promotion?