Delivering Supercomputing Capabilities that Support Research, Innovation and Discovery


CINECA supports important scientific research across multiple disciplines, from urban planning to medicine. To ensure that researchers from our member institutions can continue to make scientific breakthroughs, we continually invest in better and faster computing facilities.

A key challenge for us is boosting our computing performance without putting too much pressure on rack space, floor space, cooling and energy in our data center. For Galileo, our new ‘green’ supercomputer, we deployed NeXtScale System servers, which give us extreme performance within a small and highly efficient package. This helped us to meet the demand from our research community while also creating an economically and environmentally sustainable solution.

Today, we’re supporting dozens of different simulation and visualization environments across computational science, life sciences, engineering and oil & gas, helping scientists conduct world-class research and supporting major collaborative studies. One example of a study we support at CINECA is the Human Brain Project. This research is helping scientists and doctors better understand the structure of the brain, which we hope will ultimately translate into better treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and schizophrenia.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our Lenovo supercomputing solution, read the CINECA case study.

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