Customer Delight

Lenovo makes personal computers with the intent of delighting our customers. We engineer the best quality PCs in the industry, as measured by many external sources including PC magazine, Consumer Reports and, as evidenced by the comments on Design Matters and Inside the box from many, many of you. But what about our service? Does it match the quality of our PCs?

How we perform our job in the service arena has a huge impact on Lenovo’s ability to sell more product to its customers. We know that stuff happens even to the best engineered PCs, so my job is to make sure that you’re as delighted with your Lenovo service experience as you are with your Lenovo PC. When I joined Lenovo, I found the service organization tracking all manner of measures, and I found most of them to be rather inwardly focused. In the end, we need to delight the customer. So what are the two most important measures of how well we do that? Ultimately, word of mouth referral and repeat business. If you are not ready to recommend us the next time someone says they are considering a new PC, and if you are not ready to buy again yourself, we probably haven't delighted you. So, to gauge how we're doing, we ask our customers how willing they are to recommend us. We examine the difference in experiences between those of you who will recommend us, and those that won't. That is really key to understanding our customers' delight. After all, in this online and increasingly networked world, word of mouth travels farther and faster than ever. Let's talk about how we do this. We provide a post service survey that provides each of you, an opportunity to tell us how well we performed, and whether we delighted you or not. How did we do on the phone? Did our technicians arrive on time? Did they answer your questions, and most importantly, solve your problem? Were they courteous, respectful and knowledgeable? This is the stuff we have to measure, because each touch point contributes to the overall service experience. How we performed at each step along the way ultimately defines whether you, as our customer, become a promoter or a detractor of Lenovo. Since we are together now, please tell me, based on your service experience, are you a Lenovo promoter or detractor and why?