Cooling, made cooler | The #ThinkFirst series

What do you wish you could change about your tablet or laptop? We bet preventing overheating would be up there, so let us introduce our Intelligent Cooling system.

Preventing overheating is critical for ensuring the long-term reliability of a device, but when it comes to hardware, user experience can sometimes be an afterthought. Keeping a device cool is essential for making technology comfortable to use - after all, there’s nothing worse than getting hot knees from your laptop.

An internal G-sensor and gyroscope work in tandem to detect when you’ve got your machine on your lap. Once triggered, the system will enter a ‘cool mode’, which marginally reduces CPU power and lowers the temperature inside the device by up to 15 per cent. In this mode, the device also runs significantly quieter, as the fan doesn’t have to work as hard.

The Intelligent Cooling spans the whole of the ThinkPad portfolio, but this presented even more challenges for our X1 Yoga and X1 Tablet. As well as keeping cool on your lap, our technology adjusts itself to operate comfortably when it detects that it’s being held in your hands too.

System cooling might not be the most interesting subject matter in the tech world, but it makes or breaks a device in terms of comfort and reliability. Intelligent Cooling is just one more innovation that makes our X1 ThinkPad range just that little bit, well, cooler.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Range is an iconic design, built on 23 years of gamechanging innovation. Watch Lenovo’s Chief Design Officer, David Hill, on ThinkPad and the Future. #ThinkFirst