Conquering the Hyperconverged Data Center Market in China

Hyperconverged is certainly the buzz word of the moment—describing in a single word a data center solution using hardware building blocks that consist of compute, storage and networking components that are fully integrated into a single appliance and managed by a single software stack.

But why is there so much hype surrounding hyperconvergence? The technology has the potential to revolutionize the design and implementation of next-generation data centers. To put it simply, traditional data center methods are based on siloed compute, storage, networking and software. This legacy infrastructure works, but is complex and costly from a management perspective as each individual component is handled separately. As hyperconvergence offers a more integrated approach, it allows customers to deploy infrastructure faster as well as cut down on operational complexity. This frees up their IT organizations to solve higher-value problems.

Lenovo is committed to bringing innovative solutions to market that solve real customer problems. We are not encumbered by the desire to protect legacy businesses as other infrastructure vendors are.  A key way we are delivering solutions today is by partnering with ecosystem vendors.

We have been busy forging strategic partnerships recently with companies such as Red Hat, SAP and Juniper Networks. When it comes to hyperconverged solutions, we have a global strategic agreement with Nutanix to co-develop, sell and support appliances. Nutanix has been a forerunner in the hyperconverged space with more than three years of field-tested products. We recently announced our complete integrated solution, the Lenovo Converged HX Series powered by Nutanix and manufactured, delivered and supported by Lenovo.

The Converged HX Series is our primary strategic solution that offers end-to-end development, integration and support in close cooperation with Nutanix. As market needs evolve, Lenovo will develop strategies and partnerships to expand on our portfolio.

Taking a closer look at the market, while the global x86 server market overall is relatively healthy, China is undoubtedly the growth engine. The China x86 server market is growing faster than anywhere else, close to 50 percent year-to-year. Converged and hyperconverged solutions are expected to exceed that growth rate in the next two-to-three years, so it is important for Lenovo to play a leading role here. We cannot afford to play catch up, and our partnerships with the likes of Nutanix, SAP and Juniper will give us a significant competitive edge.

Written by:
Zhiqiang He, SVP & President of Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group
Gerry Smith, EVP & President of Lenovo Data Center Group