Connecting to Facebook

We connected the Lenovo community forumsto the Lenovo Facebook fan pagethis week as part of a larger effort to make it easier for our customers to find answers to their questions and to share their experiences with others.

There are many compelling reasons to do this, but I'll note just a few.  First, customers can now associate their Facebook and Lenovo forums IDs and even use their Facebook account to log in. This makes it even easier to participate and I think it is a potential step toward some sort of universal social media "passport" that may eventually develop across the industry.    Today, many sites allow comments to be made using open ID sign in using Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal, Facebook or Google credentials. I think this is necessarily an evolutionary journey as it is difficult for everyone to conceive of and agree to a "master plan" for interoperability. Secondly, I see this as a way to more easily connect people who are involved in different styles of online activity - those who are sharing and exploring many interests and experiences socially on Facebook, and those who are engaged in longer running and more specific discussions in forums.

Lenovo Fans on our Facebook page can click the forums tab and type in a short question.  This question is parsed and run as a search against the discussion forums and the community's integrated knowledge base and articles and discussions of likely relevance are returned.   Ideally, these answer the question.  If not, the Facebook user can start over and amend their question, use the full search function above the window, or just click continue to enter more details and post through their question to the forum where others can then respond, and the results will be added as comments on the Facebook page. This connection is just one element of a much larger and developing story .  I'll share more in an upcoming post...