Coming Soon! The Windows 10 Release of Lenovo Companion

Written by the Lenovo Companion Content Team

You asked. We listened. And now, it’s time to get ready for the Windows 10 version of the Lenovo Companion app.

Lenovo users who upgrade their operating systems when Windows 10 is officially released this summer will automatically advance to the new Companion. There, you’ll discover not only a sleek new interface but also robust optimization tools and tips—all of them based on valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers.

Optimize, Learn and Do More

What’s different about Windows 10 Companion? With the new app, you’ll be able to:
  • See and hand-select which system updates you want to install
  • Disable apps from launching at startup, right within Companion
  • Quickly purge your PC of unnecessary files and choose options for speeding up your system
  • Easily access helpful tips specific to your system

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the most-requested features:

Optimize More

In the new Companion, the optimizer feature can get your system running at peak performance. It can be used at any time to run a full-scale checkup and report back with specific actions you can take to free up space and speed up your system.

Selecting action items and clicking the “Optimize” button will do any (or all) of the following, depending on your options and which checkboxes you select:

  • Purge your PC of temporary and downloaded files and empty your recycle bin Accelerate startup by disabling apps from automatically launching when you power up your PC
  • Keep things running smoothly by installing updates that are critical to the health of your system

And in the new system update section, you can search for updates specific to your system and then select exactly which ones you’d like to download and install.

Learn More

We’ll continue to keep Companion stocked with fresh and helpful content, including original Lenovo-written how to’s and tips to help you better understand your system’s very best features and functions. We’ll also curate content daily from the best tech publishers, so you can stay current on all the latest industry news and innovations. We have shared some of the great content here on Lenovo Blogs, but there is much more available in Lenovo Companion. 

Do More

You can also see how much storage space and memory you have left, check the status of your warranty and battery, scan your hardware and more—all right from within Companion, with relevant tips and tutorials along the way.

We know your system’s best features should be easy to access and understand. That’s why we continue to use your feedback as a guide to ensuring Companion is packed with all the resources you need to optimize, learn and do more.

Get ready to upgrade

Official release of Windows 10 is right around the corner, and with it will come the new Lenovo Companion. Stay tuned for detailed guidelines on everything you’ll need for a smooth, seamless transition.