Cloud Storage: A Collaboration between Lenovo and Cloudian

Lenovo and Cloudian published a reference architecture for a highly scalable, multi-tenant storage system to address the massive growth of data storage. This architecture provides a scale-out solution powered by Lenovo hardware.

This solution is based on Lenovo System x3650 M5 or Lenovo ThinkServer RD650 servers with local storage. The servers are installed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x or CentOS 6.x and loaded with Cloudian Hyperstore software.   

The Cloudian Hyperstore software uses a fully distributed architecture with no single point of failure. It scales horizontally by adding Lenovo servers to thousands of servers distributed across multiple data centers. 

                                                            Lenovo and Cloudian Hyperstore Architecture

By supporting Amazon S3 SDK, the storage solution can automatically tier data between on-premise cloud deployments and Amazon‘s S3 public cloud. This allows clients to size their on-premise storage based on their daily workloads, while peak workloads can be obviated by a public cloud provider.

The Lenovo solution with Cloudian Hyperstore contains high-availability options. Every node runs the core services. These services are installed in master or slave mode and can fail over to another node if a failure is detected. The solutions can work with load balancers available on the market and can be used as backup medium for backup solutions that require NFS- or S3-based storage. Multi-tenancy gives managed service providers the opportunity to use this low-cost storage solution across the client space with one single point of control and each tenant can be given necessary admin rights for their space in the storage cloud.

Read the complete Lenovo Reference Architecture: Cloudian Hyperstore.