CIO’s help shape the business world

Matt Codrington is the Managing Director of Lenovo Australia and New Zealand. Here, he shares his insights about the importance of technology leaders in business today.

Working at a technology company, you can sometimes take for granted the power that technology has to shape and change the world in which we live. The business world is no different.

It is the transformative power of technology that has become a driving force in some of the biggest business success stories of the past decade. Commodities such as mobile devices, the internet, social networks and applications of 3D are the heroes of the technology world.

However, the role of technology leaders in managing the creation and implementation of that transformation in a business context has mostly gone unseen. CIOs and Heads of IT have often been regarded as operational, rather than strategic in Australian businesses but, based on the findings of this new report from Lenovo and Intel, we can see a clear path ahead to change this.

I meet a number of technology leaders in my work and while, naturally, they are very competent managers of technology, they are often underrated in terms of their business acumen. These professionals have a silent passion for enabling business strategy through technology solutions and are often waiting to be invited to express their opinion about how things can be done better.

As executive leaders in Australia, we must do more when it comes to incorporating CIOs and Heads of IT in the conversations taking place at the highest levels of our organisations. While we will often have the vision for where we want to move our business to, we certainly don’t have all the answers when it comes to understanding what technology can support and underpin this vision. But we do have those answers at hand in the form of these professionals.

For technology leaders in Australia, I encourage you to go to your executive colleagues and talk to us about your vision for the company in which you work. This kind of collaboration is vital to the progress and future growth of individual businesses and the economy as a whole.

Although I work for a technology company, this isn’t just a mandate for others like me and my organisation. Whether you are in healthcare, education, manufacturing, agricultural, hospitality, retail or any other sector, I encourage you to re-assess the responsibilities that your technology leaders have in the business. Placing this talented group of technologists at the executive table should be amongst our most significant business imperatives.

Matt Codrington
Executive Director
Lenovo (Australia and New Zealand)

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To read more about the next chapter in the evolution of technology leaders’ role in Australian business, download the white paper here.