Channeling Our Design Thinking

Over the years I’ve been involved in the creation of many video assets showcasing the design of ThinkPad and other important objects we’ve created. They have been shot in my office, in the design studio, remote locations and even at the Museum of Modern Art. Unfortunately, finding these videos is a bit of a challenge and requires lots of determined internet searching. I thought it would be good to assemble these various videos and create a YouTube channel where they could be more easily found.

The Lenovo Design channel is now live and can be found here. The home page currently features a video animation of the X1 launch presentation I delivered in Tokyo at the beginning of the year. I wanted to package this presentation into a video format so that it could be more broadly shared. It includes my voice over and a musical score created by one of my designers, Tom Perelli. He is a man of many talents!

Among several other videos, you will also find another recent video about our ThinkVision monitors. This video highlights the synergistic relationship between function and form that our ThinkVision monitors enjoy. I love listening to engineering ace, Gordon Boyack, talk passionately about his obsession with monitors. I honestly don’t think there is anyone else in the world who has deeper knowledge of this domain. His wonderfully engaging Scottish accent makes the video even better! I always think I’m listening to “Scotty” of Star Trek fame telling Kirk how he has cleverly managed to repair the warp drive system in order to save the universe.

I hope you’ll gather the family, get comfortable, and take a look at what we’ve been up to. Over time, I plan on adding more videos to the channel. Stay tuned! 

David Hill