CES and the Allure of the IdeaCentre A720

CES 2012 Lenovo Lounge

Ah, CES. The crowds, the aching feet, the complete and utter lack of any moisture in the air. But the lovely, lovely gadgets and toys make up for all of that. I'm not sure what constitutes being a CES veteran but this is my 4th one so, if I'm not a veteran, at least I'm not feeling like a noob any more.

As you would expect, I spent most of my time in and around the various Lenovo facilities talking about our new products. Many of them have already been covered in depth, but I'll add some personal commentary distilled out of my interactions with our customers, business partners and the press about one of my favorites. And by that, I mean that while I obviously know the SPECS of our systems and may have even physically seen them once or twice before CES, over the course of talking to folks about something for 5 days, it really gives me a chance to live with the machine for a while and really figure out how I feel about it and whether it's something that speaks to me personally.

Now onto the A720, our new IdeaCentre all-in-one PC. If you haven't seen it or heard about it, have a look here. 

While I certainly do get the utility/usage model/attractiveness of All-in-One desktops, they are not anything that's ever been at the top of my personal purchase list, mostly because I've always considered myself a laptop (or fully-expandable desktop) kind of guy. Even if they did tilt a bit , touchscreens on traditional vertically-oriented AIOs always struck me as a bit of a solution in search of a problem. I do get that there are lots of scenarios in which they make good sense--schools, touchscreen kiosks, etc. but they didn't speak to me personally in terms of something I would regularly use. The A720 does.

With the ability to position the screen exactly where it makes the most sense for me to use in sorting pictures (heavy-duty amateur photographer here), showing pictures to friends and familiy, playing games (Angry Birds addict here) and general web browsing, I've finally got something that lets me use a keyboard for what I want to use a keyboard for and use a touchscreen for what I want to use a touchscreen for. What more could I ask for?