CES 2010

Mark Hopkins has written a nice preview post of CES 2010 over on Lenovo Connections.  I will be joining about 100 of my colleagues at CES starting tomorrow, January 4.  In addition to posts on this blog, I will also be participating in a special Lenovo CES micro site to be unveiled in the next day or so at lenovosocial.com. Lenovo is announcing a boat load of new products at CES this year.  Whether you are interested in consumer, commercial, or “other,” I think you will find something of interest. Since there is a lot to talk about, I have written 5 blog posts, one to appear every day during CES on this site.

  • Monday, January 4 – New ThinkPad announcements.  (I am starting with this because I know most readers of this blog are ThinkPad fans foremost).
  • Tuesday, January 5 – More new ThinkPad – there is a lot to talk about
  • Wednesday, January 6 – All-in-One roundup – new announcements
  • Thursday, January 7 – Exciting new notebook concept we’ll start shipping in 2010
  • Friday, January 8 – New Lenovo technology

I may vary the schedule of posting order, so check back daily for new content.