What keeps the cloud aloft? It’s efficiency, performance, availability, scalability and proven systems that cloud providers can count on. Carolinas IT provides customized cloud services and IT solutions to a wide range of clients, including companies in highly regulated industries. When the company wanted to upgrade and optimize its infrastructure, Carolinas IT turned to trusted partner Lenovo.

For the powerful yet flexible and scalable platform it needed, Carolinas IT upgraded and expanded with something new to them — a Flex System solution that integrates servers, networking and storage. The solution included the Flex System Enterprise chassis, Flex System x240 M5 Compute Nodes and Flex System Fabric EN4093R 10Gb Scalable Switches.

“It was a different way of thinking for us, but the benefits have been tremendous,” said Michael Verbic, Senior Solutions Architect at Carolinas IT. With the new systems, processing power increased a staggering 320 percent. Better allocation of resources has resulted in a 42 percent reduction in Microsoft licensing costs, and higher density has resulted in a 30 percent reduction in footprint.

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