Yes it’s a bit dramatic. If you’re thinking of capturing this moment to make it last forever, you probably can. That’s what Instagram is for, right? It's something we take for granted with the ubiquity of camera phones and devices around us all the time, but if you constantly see photograph-worthy scenes happening around you, maybe it’s time to listen to what your heart is saying and load up your Yoga Tablet with these 10 shutterbug-approved apps.

#1. 500PX
Don’t worry, your pictures can definitely be bigger than 500 pixels. Probably one of the most popular online photography communities, 500PX is aimed at both aspiring and professional photographers. We all hit creative walls sometimes so take this chance to find inspiration and connect with other amazing photographers. Develop your creative eye and hone your craft here, there's no magical trick that will give you the creative perspective you're looking for.

#2. VSCO Cam
VSCO Cam's lock function is your cheat sheet to getting sharper and smoother photos. You can also find and follow photographers from around the world, and the best thing is? It focuses on beautiful imagery, not social clout, so number of followers, comments and likes are absent from the platform. Focus on what matters (oops, hope that wasn't too punny).

#3. Camera FV-5 Lite
Before you decide to take the plunge and commit your entire life's savings on a DSLR, it's probably wise to explore with Camera FV-5 Lite first. Those amazing photos? They require a creative eye, some luck and a fair amount of technical know-how. With DSLR-like manual controls at your fingertips, you can grab your Yoga Tablet in Hold Mode, and start shooting like a pro.

#4. Photo Editor by Aviary
Take beautiful photos, make photos beautiful. Aviary Photo Editor contains several staple features found in most image softwares. For those who want simple editing with no fuss at all, check out Aviary’s sheer amount of easy to use features as you clean up your photos on the go while in Tilt Mode. It's not suitable for complex projects so if you're looking to do that, try Pixlr Express or Snapseed instead.

#5. Pixlr Express
We’re not kidding, there’s over 600 effects to play with in Pixlr Express. After a long day of shooting, nothing beats the feeling of sitting down on your couch with your Yoga Tablet in Tilt Mode, while you explore and fine-tune your pictures with this near-professional app.

#6. Snapseed
We're giving you options here. It's not easy to find a photo editing app to commit to, so take your time and learn the pros and cons of all these apps around and you'll soon find yourself a permanent resident on your Yoga Tablet. Like Pixlr, Snapseed has most functions of a powerful photo editing app and some useful filters. We've heard good things about its flexibility and its user interface.

#7. Digital Photography School
You'll soon learn that one great photo is better than 100 good photos and the search for that one elusive photo will take priority in your life. There are camera basics 101, tips, tricks and a great deal of reviews here that will help you with that.  For all aspiring shutterbugs, you will be mad to give Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School a miss. Hold up your Yoga Tablet in Stand Mode, get the most out of your cameras…and those long breaks at school too.

#8. National Geographic Photography
One does not simply become a photographer without getting inspired by the beauty of National Geographic photos. From blazing volcanoes to ferocious whirlpools and to the unforgettable eyes of a child in a disaster struck nation, you will get lost in the adventures of each photo as you browse them through your Yoga Tablet in Stand Mode.

#9. Gizmodo
Sometimes, you don’t need a giant collection of camera and lenses to be a great photographer. Fire up your Yoga Tablet in Tilt Mode and let Gizmodo do the talking with some neat tricks and tips to bring out the best with even the simplest of gear. All you need is just some creativity and taste.

#10. FroKnowsPhoto
If you’re looking for someone to show you the ropes at the very beginning, then meet Jared Polin. At FroKnowsPhoto, you will find tutorials on art direction, equipment and techniques as Jared chats on all things photography. Just make sure you do pick up a thing or two (and not just be entertained by his fun and creative videos) while you let your Yoga Tablet do the work in Stand Mode.


It's not always easy, having to frame your subject and take a clear shot so don't worry about using some shortcuts at first, but be sure to take some time to appreciate the manual bits in photography. You don't wanna risk being a Fauxtographer.

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