You're not the only one with the butterflies in your stomach, so don't worry. And if packing lunches for school has gotten you interested in the art and the science of happy food, you may want to consider picking up a course or two in culinary arts this year. Don't forget to load up your Yoga 2 Pro with these treats!

#1. Yoga Chef
Everything a cook needs. Yoga Chef is Lenovo’s very own cooking app preloaded onto the Yoga 2 Pro. Follow simple step-by-step instructions in Tent Mode while you prepare dishes at the side. Works with voice/motion control when your hands are covered in delicious meatball sauce. This app is the real deal.

#2. Allrecipes 
Which aspiring chef wouldn’t like to have loads of recipes at their fingertips? Check out Allrecipes and get inspired by more than 50,000 cooking ideas. Browse the recipes in Tent Mode, pin up your favourites and start getting your hands dirty – you will never run out of things to make in the kitchen.

#3. Bing Food & Drink
Explore recipes, culinary tips and even share your own recipes on Bing Food & Drink. Fire up your Yoga 2 Pro in Laptop Mode and learn a thing or two from celebrity chefs - everything from different cuisines to wine and cocktails. You will have your kitchen sizzling in no time.

#4. Evernote 
While you won’t be releasing a cookbook anytime soon, experimenting with recipes is something every aspiring chef should enjoy. Have an idea on how to tweak a dish? Type them out with Evernote in Laptop Mode before it slips your mind! There’s no better way to stay organized in the kitchen.

#5. Happy Chef Game
Kitchens are not all rainbows and butterflies. Good chefs aren’t just good with knives, they are also the master of time. Put your time management skills to the test and take command of the kitchen with this game. Flip into Tablet Mode and start satisfying those customers’ taste buds.

#6. Local Milk Blog 
When you think of menus, cookbooks and food magazines, the way your food looks is as important as how it will taste. Head over to Beth Kirby’s blog and pick up some tricks from her to make your food appear as delicious as possible. The perfect blog to browse on a rainy day as you unwind with Laptop Mode and a warm cup of coffee.

#7. I am a food blog 
Amazing food photography, quirky cooking recipes and mouth-watering presentations – it’s hard to find anything else better than Stephanie’s food blog. Sit back, relax and let Stephanie take you through an afternoon of her favourite recipes in Tablet Mode. WARNING: Your stomach will be growling at some point.

#8. Love & Lemons
Vegans, we didn’t forget you. Jeanine will show you how to rock out your vegetables; just head over in Stand Mode to her award winning blog and get inspired by how she gets creative with her colourful seasonal produce. Love & Lemons was also voted “Best Cooking Blog" in the 2014 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards. Enough said.

#9. Hilah Cooking
Low-cost recipes, easy to follow videos and one hilarious chef. Hilah Johnson will be a lifesaver to all you aspiring cooks out there. Have fun watching her tutorials in Stand Mode, while you finally learn how to boil that egg properly for the first time.

#10. Poires au Chocolat 
When it comes to chocolates, resistance is futile. Head over to Emma's blog where you can look up recipes of her favourite sweets and treats. If you are into baking and desserts, this is it.

Becoming a professional chef takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But with the right tool, the perfect kick-off and a semester set on exploration, you can start cooking up those ideas in no time.

From your friends at Lenovo, we hope this helped!
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