If you couldn't stand the old Google logo, those may have been your spidey-designery senses tingling. You might find your calling in design, so why not explore it this semester on your Yoga 2 Pro? While you're arming yourself with drawing paper and graphic markers, here are some online tools we've found that will help you through the impending all-nighters and the caffeine fixes! You have been warned.

#1. Adobe Photoshop Express
Don’t be put off by the myriad of brushes, channel mixers and filters in Photoshop. Start off with baby steps by exploring Adobe Photoshop Express on Laptop Mode. Familiarise yourself with the basic tools, select from over 20 eye-catching filters and bust out some simple picture edits. Before you know it, taking on the actual Photoshop version could be a walk in the park.

#2. Adobe Kuler
This colour wheel will be a lifeline for any serious website designer. Get down to business with Adobe Kuler on Laptop Mode and create an infinite number of colour schemes. Just remember to thank us one day for helping you avoid the calamity of poor colour combinations.

#3. Fresh Paint
It’s time to set your creativity free and turn your photos into beautiful masterpieces with Fresh Paint. Use Tablet Mode or Tent Mode to turn the Yoga 2 Pro into your canvas. Explore, blend and mix using different watercolours, as well as craft out the slightest details using different brush sizes. Who knows? You could just be the next Picasso in the making.

#4. Sketchbook Express
If you love doodling, it’s time to transfer those ideas onto Sketchbook Express. With 15 preset brushes and pencils to choose from, don’t waste a single moment in bringing your visions to life on Tablet Mode.

#5. You The Designer
Get ready to be mesmerized by the beautiful typographies and awesome hand sketches while browsing You The Designer. Thanks to the lovely folks that contributed their ideas, you can now take your time to explore over 16,000 free tutorials, tips, and tricks on the fundamentals of graphic design.

#6. Logo Design Love
When it comes to branding, logos are a critical aspect in the field of design. Browse Logo Design Love in Tent Mode and dive into a world of brand identity and logo designs across different professions. You’ll have a good comeback when your future clients start going “…could you just make the logo a little bigger?”

#7. Digital Arts Online
Get up to speed with the latest technology, we hear 3D printing’s the talk of the town. While you pick up techniques from Digital Arts Online in Tent Mode, get the latest scoops from information on cutting edge trends to the latest tech reviews. 

#8. Behance
The way to get noticed is to start showcasing your work. Load them up onto Behance and get discovered. Or impress others by presenting your portfolio in Stand Mode. You might just score a freelance gig.

#9. Tuts+
As you’re getting your hands dirty experimenting with layouts, pick up a thing or two from the pros while you watch design tutorials. Tuts+ will give you the cutting edge to a huge range of learning resources with everything from vectors to colours to layouts and other crafts of creative skills.

#10. DesignTAXI
At any point, designers are always looking to put out their ideas and concepts to share with others. Head over to DesignTAXI and view some of the work from creative professionals around the world to help kickstart your next big idea.


With these odds in your favour, and a tool that helps you to explore and achieve, a world of design now awaits you. Keep in mind that each designer you’ve come across was also once in your shoes, so keep persisting and learning.

Now, go forth and explore! From your friends at Lenovo.
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