Bringing Education to the World, One Country at a Time

Who says education should be only for those who can afford it? Education should be made available to anyone in the world and that was just what the team from the Nobelity Project did along with support from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). 

The Nobelity Project, an education and action nonprofit organization, was founded by Turk and Christy Pipkin in 2005 to make movies that make a difference. They collaborate with Nobel Laureates and other inspiring leaders to create films that motivate and bring people awareness, moving them to action. The Nobelity Project started by constructing a small rain water collection system and a few OLPC’s (One Laptop Per Child) at Mahiga Hope High School and Primary in Kenya, Africa. This snowballed into building more classrooms, a new kitchen and dining hall, a library and science and computer labs with help and sponsorship from donors as well as companies such as Nike and AMD.

In May 2012, AMD sponsored about 15 AMD-powered Lenovo ThinkCentre M77 PCs to Mahiga Hope Secondary School for their computer lab.

Lenovo is proud to be chosen by AMD and we’re happy to know that our ThinkCentre M77 is giving the children in Mahiga Hope Secondary School a chance to Do. And where there is an opportunity to Do, there is Hope.

For more information about The Nobelity Project: Mahiga Hope High School and Primary, please click here: