Breeze Through Your Shopping with the Amazon 1Button App

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Many of the best, most popular apps preloaded on Lenovo PCs & tablets are powered by partnerships we’ve forged to help make the things you do every day faster and more enjoyable.

When it comes to shopping, that means Amazon. With the holiday season already here, many of our customers are looking for tools that make online shopping more convenient.

Enter the Amazon 1Button App.

As a record number of consumers set out to browse and buy gifts online—an estimated $105 billion worth of holiday purchases will be made digitally this year, according to one forecast—Amazon’s technology makes it faster and easier than ever. Here are three ways you can use Amazon app on your favorite Lenovo device to breeze through every purchase on your gift list this year:

1. Find Better Deals

Between Daily DealsLocal Deals and Warehouse Deals, Amazon gives discount scouters a major advantage. You can see the steepest markdowns for big ticket items in a few clicks, and even get notified of the latest deals with real-time alerts. 

2. Easily Comparison Shop

The Amazon Price Compare feature can be set to automatically match products you’re viewing—on any website, at any time…as you surf the web or view product pages. When a match is found you can see Amazon's price, customer reviews and other product info. The Amazon app can follow you to brick-and-mortar stores, too. Before you rush to the cash register, use your Lenovo device to scan the barcode and see what it costs on Amazon. See something on another website you’d love to have for yourself? You can always click to compare costs…then add the item to your Amazon wish list from any website.

3. Get Customized Suggestions

Product recommendations are personalized based on your purchases. Or you can browse the Top 10 sections, where items are categorized by best sellers, most wished-for products, gift ideas and more. The app even lets you whittle down further to view products by department—to see the newest releases in books, for instance, or gift suggestions for gardeners.

Put Convenient Shopping at Your Fingertips

Select Lenovo PCs and tablets have the Amazon app preloaded. To locate the Amazon app on your Lenovo system, simply go to the Windows Start ScreenAll Apps view, do a search for Amazon and then choose Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar.

Or, you can always download the Amazon 1Button App here.

You can customize alerts, displays and more to match your personal preferences, based on how you like to shop online. 

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