Boost Your Own Savings (BYOS) This Holiday

Four Ways to Help Save For the New Year
The holiday season can leave a dent in the wallet. From gifts to flights to parties, the holidays can leave even the most budget prepared break out in a cold sweat. But fear not, it is possible to make small changes that can result in a big difference in the long term. They are also more realistic and achievable approaches to helping you reach the personal milestones you’ve always dreamed of.
Here are a few suggestions on how you can start saving:
Bring Your Own Lunch (BYOL)
According to The Simple Dollar, an average American saves $36.75 per week or $1,911 a year by creating a home-prepared lunch. Also, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore, it just takes a little forward planning. Consider making larger portions for dinner and putting the extra aside for lunch, download a recipe app for daily inspiration or visit community boards like Pinterest for simple and fast popular recipes.
Make Your Own Coffee (MYOC)
Similar to buying lunch, purchasing coffee is another habit you can easily and painlessly remove from your daily routine. Is $6000 dollars enough of an incentive? By simply removing the daily $5 specialty coffee purchase from your morning routine within five years, you could save $6,162.50!  
Ride Your Own Bike (RYOB)
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American spends $9,000 on their commute. Riding a bike will not only help you save money on gas and parking, but is both eco and heart friendly!  The growing popularity of city bike share programs also makes this life change even easier to accomplish.
Buy Your Own YOGA (BYOY)
New gadgets from laptops to wearables are always surfacing and of course, tempting to buy. However, not all of them are worth the price tag off the shelves. If you are in need of a new computer, spend time researching and look for the highest performance you can afford for your budget, such as the Lenovo YOGA 300 or 500. It’s a cost-effective, portable and robust device that is a true “one-to-many” device. It has four modes – stand, tent, tablet and laptop – to help you be more mobile and flexible whether it’s for work or play. With the Lenovo YOGA 300 or 500, you won’t need to spend additional budget buying a separate laptop and tablet.
What’s the last thing that you should keep in mind? Start now. You won’t get significant savings immediately, so it’s important to start sooner than later.
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