Blogger meet-up in Hong Kong 联想与博友的聚会

by Cleo Lee It has been awhile since my last post, but today I wanted to share some good news from Lenovo Hong Kong. An event called Lenovo Blogger Meet-up was held in the wonderland, Hong Kong, Friday, Aug 15th and the blogger attendance rate really amazed me. The turnout rate was 100%! The event was the first Lenovo event in the region organized specifically for bloggers. It is certainly a good start for Lenovo to engage the bloggers in sharing information and awareness of Lenovo.

The 20 plus bloggers were very excited to met each other in person in this first ever held Lenovo blogger meet-up. During the event some new Lenovo products were presented to the bloggers, for instance the IdeaPad S9 and S10. The audience considered themselves lucky to be given the opportunity to view and test the new products before they were available for public. Models paraded the netbooks for everyone, each individual representing a unique identity to cater to contrasting styles and preferences.

As an appreciation of the bloggers who attended the event, a drawing was conducted and the gifts were unique and well received. There were Ideapad S9 and S10 notebooks and a USB Pendrive with Olympic Torch design given away to the lucky winners. The winners were very happy to walk away with the prizes and some were thrilled to own the new Lenovo netbook. Throughout the event, demo machines were available for the audience to get a hands-on experience on the newly launched netbooks. The staff was overwhelmed by the response as the bloggers were so enthusiastic to try out the new IdeaPad.

We appreciate all the bloggers and were delighted to see they have blogged their own impressions of the event. See what Tinyau, Daisy, Sammy thought. We hope to hear from more from them, and other top bloggers in the Lenovo community. The blogger community is important - their opinions of our products and their influence should not be ignored in this contemporary world. There is no national boundary for bloggers; their voice should be heard regardless where they are from; as Lenovo says, “New World. New Thinking.”

联想与博友的聚会自上一次的文章,已经好久没动笔了。然而,今天为博友们带来了好消息! 上两周的星期五,八月十五日,香港联想举办了有史以来第一场与博友们会面的聚会。现场百分百出席率令人鼓舞,毕竟这是联想首次与博友近距离接触,意义非凡!这场活动,无疑是个好的开始。通过此次活动,我们更能有效地将联想新产品的讯息传达予博友。除了让在场的博友们参与发表意见,以从中了解他们对联想的期待之外,与此同时,我们亦希望能籍博友们的“神手”,与众网友分享联想的最新资讯和进展。 现场20多名博友在相互认识了“同行”后, 像是一见如故,交言甚欢。大会当晚,万众期待的一幕也隆重登场。联想首次介绍了即将面市的笔记本电脑Ideapad S9 与 S10,让博友们大饱眼福,惊叹不已。 除此之外,现场也有五位专业模特儿为新产品Ideapad走秀。各式装扮的模特儿手持不同色彩的Ideapad,巧妙地展现了Ideapad可用于各种场合的灵活性。

为了感谢博友们的热烈支持,香港联想增加了幸运抽奖环节。主办当局还准备了Ideapad S9 、 S10以及祥雲火炬USB优盘,大派丰富礼品,让现场观众大呼惊喜!尤其是获得Ideapad的幸运儿,非常雀跃,迫不及待地想亲身验试赠品。 当晚,大会也提供了一本Ideapad样品,让博友们“亲手”体验;现场的反应,可是无比热烈!这样的场合,当然少不了问答环节。出席者皆积极参与反馈,气氛很是不错。对于此次活动,多位博友给予了赞赏。尽管如此,有者亦表示联想在此类活动仍有进步的空间。

更令人惊喜的是活动结束以后,一群博友便第一时间上网,着手描写了有关此次活动。不仅述说当晚情景,有者还上载展示自己的收获品,速度快得让人赞佩。其中,极为热情的博友有天佑DaisySammy等人。 如今,在这科技极度发达的世界里,网络上的博客社区犹如产品同等重要;任何一方都不能漠视。博友是不分国界的,无论他/她身在何处,大家都来自“同一个世界”;即使语言不同,但亦不会因此而产生隔阂。我们重视博友们的声音, 因为这正是联想一直所秉承的“New World. New Thinking”.