Avoiding Water on the Brain

Ever spilled  something on your keyboard? Water, Mountain Dew, or worse, could mean the end of your keyboard, not to mention your data. Liquid and electrons do not mix. Fortunately we have thought about this for you. Every ThinkPad has what we call the spill resistant keyboard. I love lawyers.

Lenovo engineers are famous for this kind of attention to detail. Cleverly integrated under the keyboard is a innovative drainage system similar to a roof gutter . This system collects and diverts the liquid harmlessly out of the bottom of your ThinkPad through a unique drain hole. Recently, we started labeling the hole at the request of a customer to call attention to this unique feature. Great idea!

Why is this so important? Well it's really very simple, every notebook computer has the electronics and more importantly your data under the keyboard. Drying out a hard file right before a presentation is not as simple as drying a pair of cotton shorts  Not sure I want to lose my data due to a clumsy moment and glass of water. 

Look for this icon if you want to know where the water runs out.

David Hill