Announcing “ThinkRevolution” the Lenovo Workstation Customer Engagement Program

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: at Lenovo Workstations, customers are our most important resource. Our customers represent some of the most innovative companies in their respective fields, whether it’s media & entertainment, manufacturing, oil & gas or other high-profile industries, and these customers rely on our workstations to deliver pioneering innovations that are changing the world.

To honor all our customers do and how they push us to create better, more powerful workstations, we’re launching ThinkRevolution. This new, three-tiered customer engagement program is designed to foster greater engagement, learning and knowledge sharing.. In launching ThinkRevolution, we’re inviting our customers to help shape what we do – to talk to us, tinker with us and tell us how we can do better – ultimately empowering them and the work they love to do.

As mentioned previously, ThinkRevolution is broken out into three tiers, all representing different levels of customer engagement and advocacy. These levels are explained in greater detail below:

Development Advisors

This small group will prove invaluable in guiding the direction and development of future workstation product innovation. Development advisors will meet on an ongoing basis with the Lenovo Workstation development and product marketing teams to review and provide feedback on current products, get exclusive first-hand demonstrations of prototype products and provide strategic input on the overall direction of these products. These development advisors will join the Lenovo Workstation team for a customer advisory council event at the Lenovo headquarters in Morrisville on August 4th and 5th.

Product Evangelists

Product evangelists are innovative thinkers across industries who will participate alongside the Lenovo Workstation group at events as advocates and partners in promoting our workstations to these audiences. Additionally, this exclusive group will have the opportunity to be interviewed for a Lenovo blog post, as well as have the opportunity to write their own guest blog posts and join in additional joint marketing activities, including social media. 

The current group of product evangelists includes:

Lenovo ThinkBots, Foundation

The Lenovo Workstations team will sponsor a team of 20 middle school students who will compete in robotics competitions around the United States from October 2015-March 2016

The Helping Hand Project, Jeff Powell

A non-profit organization that, with the help of the Lenovo Workstations development team, 3D prints prosthetic hands for children.

Eccotype, Allen Bolden

Eccotype is a revolutionary tool that will help writers bring their literary visions to life. The Eccotype interface creates visual effects by simply typing descriptions.

Project H, Emily Pilloton

Camp H will be a 2-week camp for young girls to learn how to design and build their own skateboard using carpentry tools, Adobe Illustrator, a laser-etcher, vinyl cutter, and small-scale metalwork.

MX3D, Eva James

The Lenovo Workstations team will be working with this innovative team on a revolutionary 3D printing project in Europe.

Anyone interested in becoming a product evangelist should contact the Lenovo Workstations team to learn more about this program.

Social Super Fans

Workstation users who are social media-savvy have the opportunity to become Social Super Fans, interacting with @ThinkStations on Twitter. Users who are invited to be a part of ThinkRevolution will earn points for their interactions; with increased engagement users are eligible to win Lenovo gear, invitations to exclusive Lenovo-sponsored events and, for those we deem “Revolutionists,” free Lenovo Workstations products. The more our fans engage, the sweeter the reward!

If you would like more information about being a Social Super Fan, please DM @ThinkStations!

Get Involved

As stated previously, our customers are our most valuable resource, and we want to give you a chance to get involved and help shape the products you use in the work you do every day. If you’re interested in getting involved in the ThinkRevolution program, contact Ashli Sebranek at to learn more about how you can participate.