Advocate Spotlight: A ThinkPadder and his Passion

Jin Li, one of our well known Lenovo advocates, reveals why he collects ThinkPads

My name is Jin Li (@lead_org); I am a Lenovo INsider (Lenovo brand advocate), Lenovo Community Advocate, Microsoft MVP, blogger, and a serious ThinkPad addict! I currently own more than 60 ThinkPads, and my collection is growing.

So, why do I have so many ThinkPad laptops? I love ThinkPad, and I love the whole user experience associated with owning a ThinkPad. There is nothing quite as satisfying as owning a ThinkPad, servicing it, and upgrading it so that it will still function in a decade’s time when other laptops have gone into the eWaste recycling bin.

I sometimes feel that ThinkPad is more than an inanimate object that you simply use then throw out, but rather it is an embodiment of human knowledge and cultures, which every owner should treasure. ThinkPad represents everything that is great about mankind, and how we can translate our culture and thinking into great functional design, which other people could equally appreciate (or discover).

By collecting ThinkPads, I can discover and learn about the cultural and design evolution of a great brand, and how it changes overtime. At the same time, I can also marvel at how ingenious ThinkPad designers are, to allow the original ThinkPad design elements to remain identifiable in products 20 years after its release. One could say that ThinkPad brand has the greatest brand pedigree!

Jin Li has an impressive ThinkPad burger. How many ThinkPads do you own? And, what model is your favorite? If you’re fanatical about Lenovo and our innovative products, and would like to learn more about becoming a brand advocate like Jin Li, click here to apply to become a Lenovo INsider.