ACE Creative Learning Mobilizes Students for Success

Forget lugging around textbooks – in today’s fast-paced world, mobile devices are changing the way teachers and students approach learning. The mobile revolution is transforming education, offering teachers and students a more flexible approach to learning and giving them more options to learn on the go. While access to technology in the classroom is critical, the value of facilitating learning outside the classroom is becoming increasingly apparent as well.

Enter: Tablets

While these mobile devices are often associated with gaming and other leisure activities, many in the education space are leveraging them to make the overall learning experience, which can sometimes be monotonous, both fun and engaging. With tablets, today’s students are given access to study materials and learning opportunities around the clock, whether in study hall, at the park, on a field trip or at home.

ACE Creative Learning, a successful India-based e-learning company that focuses on the inconsistencies in post-classroom learning, is paving the way for students to learn without boundaries. Upon recognizing the benefits of enabling student learning outside of the classroom, Ace turned to Lenovo to help deliver more integrated and standardized education via tablet technology. The light and portable Lenovo A1000 and Yoga Tablet 8 tablets offer the durability to keep up with student wear and tear and the battery life to power through hours of reference materials, digital content, audio visual aids, and sample tests. With mobile learning solutions, students can also complete their work and testing through the cloud, giving teachers and parents access to helpful progress reports and benchmark data. 

To learn more about how the Lenovo A1000 and Yoga Tablet 8 are helping Ace Creative Learning build a better tomorrow for students through mobile technology, click here [PDF].