Accelerate Mission Critical Workloads with Lenovo ThinkAgile and Nutanix

Many enterprises struggle to maintain complex siloes of storage, compute and networking infrastructure. Faced with flat and sometimes shrinking IT budgets, these customers are on a mission to modernize and simplify their data center by utilizing software defined infrastructure, including hyper converged architectures. The simple, scalable hyper converged building blocks of clustered, virtualized compute and storage resources enable enterprises to gain efficiencies and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Lenovo, who makes the industry’s most reliable and high performing x86 servers, and Nutanix, the industry leader in hyper converged software, have partnered closely since 2015 to deliver the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX product portfolio.  The simplicity, reliability, performance and reduced TCO provided by the partnership have resulted in rapid adoption (3X year over year) of ThinkAgile HX systems.

Meanwhile, customers want to bring this same simplicity and TCO reduction to workloads that have extreme processing demands, massive scalability, and 24/7 availability needs. These workloads range from in-memory databases, high speed trading, mission critical applications, and new emerging workloads like block chain and real-time analytics. 

Now Lenovo and Nutanix are collaborating to offer an addition to the ThinkAgile HX portfolio, optimized for these mission critical workloads. The planned ThinkAgile HX7820 series combines the simplicity and scalability of Nutanix hyper converged software with Lenovo’s mission critical four-socket platforms, backed by Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage support for a transformative end-to-end experience.

The ThinkAgile HX7820 series will leverage the ThinkSystem SR950 platform, which holds several key four-socket performance world records:

  • TPC-H@10,000 GB scale for database queries
  • SPECjbb2015 for Java server performance
  • STAC-M3  for time series analytics, risk simulations, processing of very high speed data – e.g. tick-by-tick market data, used by large global banks, brokerage houses, exchanges, hedge funds, trading shops
  • SAP SD 2-Tier for world record SAP application performance

Additionally, Lenovo’s four socket servers rank #1 in TPC-E performance and price/performance, which positions them perfectly for SQL and OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) systems.

Designed from the ground up to deliver “always on” reliability, the Lenovo four-socket platforms include highly advanced Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) features, including predictive failure analysis and Light Path Diagnostics. As a result, Lenovo servers have ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by TBR and #1 in uptime by ITIC for 4.5 consecutive years. Customers can deploy their workloads with confidence, knowing that the applications will be available 24/7.  

Furthermore, the planned ThinkAgile HX four-socket appliance is the ideal foundational platform for SAP HANA workloads. Nutanix has announced that testing, development, and other non-production SAP HANA workloads are now validated on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with their native hypervisor AHV. Nutanix and Lenovo are in the process of validating production SAP HANA databases on the ThinkAgile HX7820 series.

The ThinkAgile HX7820 series is ideal for:

  • Existing hyper converged customers looking to expand their hyper converged infrastructure to run extreme-performance, mission-critical workloads, such as large databases, block chain, high speed trading, and analytics
  • Businesses with legacy systems who are already running mission-critical workloads, and would like to migrate to a hyper converged infrastructure for increased efficiencies and an overall reduced TCO.

Learn more about ThinkAgile HX and customer success stories by viewing the video, taking a virtal tour, reading the analyst paper, and viewing the Callaway Golf, Beam Suntory, V-Grass and Alamos Gold case studies.