x3950 X6 is the 8-Socket member of the System x X6 Rack Server Family.

When you get right down to it, a product launch is a simple promise. At a minimum, it’s us telling the world that something new and different is about to be presented. That promise takes on significantly more meaning, though, when its impact stands to be life-changing. 

In the case of this week’s Lenovo High End product launch -- the first-ever of Lenovo-branded enterprise-level System x servers -- “life changing” very well could be in the cards. The introduction of System x3750 M4, x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 represents previously uncharted territory for Lenovo (before its October 2014 acquisition of IBM System x). These powerful enterprise class servers help the company position for leadership in 4-socket and above systems – and they round out the company’s entire server portfolio as a whole. By virtue of this week’s announcement, the Lenovo server portfolio now sports everything from 1U to 8U -- with customer use cases that range from needs in the personal and SMB space up to the high end of the portfolio’s massive global enterprise workloads and solution requirements.

Just as Lenovo set out to achieve number one market share in the PC market -- and ultimately did so after acquiring another IBM entity – now, company leadership has its eye on achieving top market position in servers.

In fact, Lenovo has an even larger vision than that, a “Triple PLUS Strategic Roadmap.” This is the idea of offering a full portfolio that includes Smart Connected Devices and Infrastructure Devices and Software, all of which together create the Lenovo Experience. Thanks to recent acquisitions, Lenovo’s incredibly broad portfolio now includes phones, tablets, PCs, servers, networking and storage.

“But why,” you may still be asking, “is today’s announcement potentially life-changing?” The answer is twofold:

First, Lenovo-branded High End Servers already have an established client base, a proven market position and track record that includes seven winning benchmarks last year. The Lenovo High End Portfolio also offers a rich ecosystem of solutions and well-known global ISV partners that have worked with the company to bring to market the optimized solutions that enterprise customers need to successfully excel in today’s ultra-competitive world. These servers also feature world-class service delivered by IBM. Success is a given because many of the hurdles to entry for new products have already been cleared by these systems.

Second, the roster of unique use cases on Lenovo Enterprise Servers is continually-growing as more and more customers select X6 servers and x3750 M4 systems to manage their enterprises. Today, these enterprise servers are employed for everything from managing crucial transportation networks -- to crunching numbers in the kinds of complex analytics workloads that result in breakthroughs in many different fields – to driving core functions in such businesses as energy and public entities. Lenovo High End servers stand to drive some of the world’s most innovative enterprises backed by fearless highly-creative pioneers grappling for breakthroughs in their respective fields. 

These High End servers enable business leaders to more easily access the actionable insight that’s contained in the mountains of data being generated daily. By virtue of the speed they bring to applications, the agility that enables swift changes in business direction and the constant availability that is inherent in this category of world-class infrastructure, these servers enable business leaders to achieve faster-time-to-market and faster time-to-value.

At the high end of the portfolio, X6 servers are at least 200% faster than previous generation systems. Modular X6 systems are agile, designed so that data centers can be fit-for-purpose. These systems scale seamlessly. Multiple workloads can be run simultaneously. It’s possible to change course if needed. X6 servers also are designed for enterprise environments in which resiliency is key. These systems also deliver constant availability and advanced RAS features, enabling customers to avoid “rip and replace.” X6 servers were designed for four target mission critical workloads: Enterprise Virtualization…Database…Business Logic, ERP and CRM…and Analytics.

x3750 M4, the other offering in the High End portfolio, is a dense 2U 4-socket server that is a great entry point into the enterprise space. This server offers leadership price/performance. It’s great for data-intensive applications, offering 25% faster memory, 33% more I/O and up to 3 times more onboard storage.

Learn more about the promise of this new technology. Perhaps your company will be the next to change the world….

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As a member of the seasoned product marketing team that launched the System x X6 family of servers, Kathy Holoman has a rich history in technology marketing. Prior to joining the Lenovo Enterprise Product Group, Kathy held high-impact global technology marketing roles in four Fortune 100 companies (IBM, HP, EDS, GE) and one Global 500 organization, Schneider Electric. Her mission in life has always been to accelerate the sales process by helping sellers to articulate -- and buyers to understand -- solution positioning, value propositions and competitive differentiators. She translates technology attributes into tangible business value. Kathy’s ability to “tell the story” across a variety of marketing media and a span of several languages has been recognized not only with corporate awards such as the IBM Global Leadership Award, but also with Addy Awards for advertising, two international global events marketing best of show awards, and a top-three graphic design award in a field of more than 17,000. Read more on Linkedin or follow @techiewahoo on Twitter.