A Tip of the Hat to 30 Series

Last week my three year old daughter watched Toy Story for the first time.  Not surprisingly, Woody, had a big effect on her.  After the movie, she spent a lot more time with her older toys.  She had a new found appreciation for the toys who comforted her as she made the leap from baby to “big kid”. 

I think that is how I feel about the ThinkStation 30 Series.  On August 12, Lenovo introduced the new ThinkStation P Series; the products that will replace the 30 Series.  The response has been incredible.  The press, customers, hardware and software partners, are all very excited about the new products.  And a lot of extremely talented people have worked tirelessly, with an intense focus on the customer, to make the P Series a reality.  I think I speak for many of my colleagues when I say, the P Series has truly been a labor of love. 

But what about 30 Series?  What about Woody?  Without question, the new ThinkStation P Series takes workstation computing to new heights.  But doesn’t the 30 Series deserve an appropriate send off? Because, honestly, without the ThinkStation 30 Series, there is no P Series.

From the time it was introduced, the 30 Series delivered exactly what you would expect from a Think branded workstation; high quality, ultra-reliable, and of course….it was black.  The 30 Series took the Lenovo workstation business from being a baby, and made it relevant. 

With the new P Series, we looked to greatly improve the usability of the system by incorporating a tool-less, clean, modular design.  By supporting the latest technology, P Series delivers an unprecedented level of performance.  But we also wanted to build upon the foundation of the 30 Series, making the P Series even more reliable….and of course, black.

So with much reverence and a tip of the hat, all of us in the Lenovo workstation business unit say “so long” to the ThinkStation 30 Series.  It’s been a great ride, thank you for the memories.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about ThinkStation P Series, go to www.thinkworkstations.com

Sorry 30 Series, I couldn’t help myself.