A Thrilling Desktop Remix: IdeaCentre A720

What's not to like about IdeaCentre A720, our gorgeous new 27" all-in-one PC? From its slim profile and fascinating adjustable angles to its 10-finger touch capability, it is a PC bound to captivate as well as to shake up people's ideas of what makes a desktop a desktop.

From the moment we first saw the A720 at CES back in January--we played "Bugs" and made fun of our colleague Kevin Beck's piano-playing--we knew there was something special about it, something different (dare we say tablet-like?) about the way we related to it.


The machine is slim, it's huge and it's beautiful. The specs are fantastic--up to Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB hard drive, tool-less design, Dolby Home Theatre v4, 1080p LED display, optional Blu-Ray and integrated TV tuner, etc. But two things seem to resonate with people the most. The first is the 10-finger multitouch capability, which helps you go well beyond the pedestrian pinch-and-zoom you're accustomed to on other devices.



The second thing that stands out is the remarkable way the A720 can lean and fold itself to virtually any angle you require. Straight up like a traditional PC monitor, all the way down like a gaming table or somewhere in-between. With all this accordion-like flexing, it's no wonder we chose to associate the A720 with some dubstep-inspired dance moves.



Those of us who work on laptops all day know what they bring to the table, but we also become keenly aware of what laptops are not. If your laptop is your hard-working daytime self, the A720 promises to be your nighttime antidote--nothing but movies and games. Of course, if you have kids, good luck prying your A720 away from them long enough to enjoy it.



What would you do with a giant, touch-enabled all-in-one PC like IdeaCentre A720? Do you think it would change the way you interact with your computer? Leave us a comment below--we'd love to hear from you.


Gavin O'Hara is Global Publisher for Lenovo Social Media.